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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2016Le droit des femmes à l’héritage dans le droit ‎ international et islamiqueSalah Al-Raqad
2010Legal Difficulties Arising from the Bankruptcy of Interpuniershipفيصل, العنزي
7-Nov-2017Legal Mechanisms Employed in Modernising Islamic Family Law -The Case Study of Jordan-عروة ناصر الدويري
21-Jan-2013The Legal Nature of the Jordanian Governmental Universities and Their Financial IndependencyFarhan Al-Masaeed; Mowafaq Al-Mahameed
-Lifestyle and Prediction of Menopausal Symptoms Among Sample of Women in Jordan نمط الحياة والتنبؤ بأعراض سنّ الأمل لدى عينةِ من النساءِ في الأردنانتصار الصمادي
9-Apr-2006Linear systems resulting from pandiagonal magic squaresSaleem Al-Ashhab; Alla Al-Zahawi
5-Jan-2014L’espressione del futuro in italiano ed in araboJihad Al-Shuaibi*
16-Jun-2014L’espressione del futuro in italiano ed in araboJihad Al-Shuaibi
19-Feb-2007Magnetic relaxation and interaction effects in diluted with glucoce BaFe10.48Co0.76W19 powder systemsIbrahim Bsoul Mahmoud Saleh
21-Jan-2007Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Truncated Normal Regression ModelFaris M. Alathari; Zaki J. Al-sarraf
26-Feb-2017The Mediating Role of Performance Measurement Systems in ‎the Relationship between Contingent Variables and ‎Organizational Performance in Jordanian Financial ‎Companies: A Contingency PerspectiveSeif Obeid Al-shbiel
2-Sep-2003Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Deposits in the Southeastern Part of Dead Sea - Lisan Peninsula, JordanIyad Ahmed Abboud
13-May-2004Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Sediments ofIyad Ahmed Abboud
2-Jun-2003Minimal Open Set and Homogeneous SpacesAli Ahmad Fora
27-Jan-2007Modelling Software Fault Dependency Using Lag FunctionOmar Shatnawi
6-Jan-2004More properties on graded Jacobson radical and graded spectraMashhoor Refai
11-May-2005Nurses Job Satisfaction in a Private TeachingMajd T. Mrayyan
5-May-2014Obstacles Faced by High School Students Taking Social Studies Courses in Mafraq District, Jordan.Basel Al-Shdifat *
15-Mar-2004On Decomposition Method And PN-SpacesA. Tallafha
23-Sep-2003On Fairly Weak Covering Homotopy PropertyAdea K. Hussain Al-Obiadi