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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jun-2008The Scope Compatibility between International Law and Islamic vision for Preserving the EnvironmentDr. Yaser Khalaileh; Dr. Waleed Mahamed
1-Feb-2005Screening for novel antimicrobial agents produced by Al-Thani, R.F.Al-Thani, R.F.
18-Jul-2005Some Inequalities Involving ? and an Application to an Inequality Similar to Hilberts InequalityLaith Emil Azar; Ahmad Bataineh
2011Some properties of Analytic Functions of Complex Orderالاء, شديفات
18-Feb-2018Spiritual Guidance and Religious Support for Patients, in the Sunnah of the Prophet “An Analytical study of the Book of Patients in Al- Jami As Sahih By Imam Al Bukhari”علي عجين; محمد الخطيب; عائشة محمد الخطيب
12-Jan-2003The State of Paleostress Along the Siwaqa Fault (Central Jordan) Based on Fault-Slip DataAbdullah A. Diabat
10-Mar-2003Statistical Analysis of Records at Three Major Meteorological Stations in JordanN. A. Al-Ansari; B. Al- Shamali; A.Shatnawi
2010Study of Using Robust Image Watermarking Algorithm with Error Correction Code as Image Steganography Algorithmayat, Al-rusan
11-Jul-2005The Stylistics of Repetition: Gender and Class in Nawal El-Saadawis God Dies by the NileNayef Ali Al-Joulan
6-Jan-2004Sylow Subgroups and Nilpotent Subgroups of GL(n,q)Mashhour . I.Mohammed
2-Jun-2003Synthesis and Superconductor Properties of Bi2.1Sr1.9 CaCu2Ox-BaZrO3 Composite PowderMANASREH W.A
5-Mar-2007Synthesis of biomimetically hydroxyapatiteL. Their and K. Ismael; K. Abdulsalam
3-Jul-2011Taking care of the Environment from an Islamic PerspectiveDr. Mohammed Abdul Hameed Al-Khateeb
2-Jun-2004To What Teachers Attribute Student Behaviour Problems? How Can This Improve Schools Discipline Policies?Dr. Ramzi Haroun
3-Oct-2012Treatment of the "Acquired Deficiency" in the Sunnah An analytical dogmatic Hadith study in the Sunnah about the Hadith "The Strong Believer"Dr. Muhammad Al-Kateeb *; Dr. Ali Ibrahim Ajeen **
2-Apr-2013Treatment of the "Acquired Deficiency" in the Sunnah An analytical dogmatic Hadith study in the Sunnah about the Hadith "The Strong Believer" **Dr. Ali Ibrahim Ajeen; Dr. Muhammad Al-Kateeb *
24-Feb-2019Type of Marriage and Satisfaction in Light of Socio - Economic Demographic Factors in Irbid Governorate - Jordanعبد الله قازان; فايز الصمادي
2-Nov-2014Using Computer-mediated Corrective Feedback Modes in Improving Jordanian Students’ Writing PerformanceAli Abu Seileek *; Sabah Al-Olimat**
5-Oct-2008What/ Who is Marlowes Tamburlaine?Ahmad Shtaywi
1-Dec-2004Wittgenstein and HermeneuticsWalid Atari