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Title: عصمة النبي محمد عن الكفر قبل النبوة
Authors: د. محمد احمد محمد ملكاوي
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2010
Abstract:   ن قِبَل اللهِ عن الكفر والشِّر كْ بجمیع مظاهر هِ قبْل النّبُو ةّ , فالمرادُ بأنّه ِ یتلخص هذا البحث في أنمّ عمح صمودمٌاً م كان على د یِن قومِ ه أي إنّه كان على عادتِهم وشأنِهم في الأخلاقِ الحمیدة : كانلّخ وْة ,وال كروَم , ص لةِ الر حّ مِ وا,ٕ غاثةِ المَلْهوف , ك الح جَ , والنِّكاح ,وا لمیراث , : وغیر هِا مِ ن الأخلاقِ الفواكا ضل نة أ,ی ضاً على د یِن قومِ ه بما بقي فیهم مِ ن إِر ثْ إبراهیمَ وغیر ذلك مِ ن أحكام الإیمان ف,قد كان اللهُ تعالى یُر بَّیِه قَبْل ناّلبُو ةّ ,وی ص نَْعُهُ على عَیْنِه,وی تولاّه بح فِْظ هِ وعنایتِه منْذُ طفولتِه, . را  تسلیماً كثی  . ویُعِ دُّهُ لیكون نبیّاً بشیراً ونذیراً للعالمین Abstract It is the most dangerous dogmatic misbelieve by a Moslem that Prophet Muhammad – peace upon him – believed in his people’s religion regarding the worshipping of idol’s. It is important to correct this misbelieve because it goes against the concept of the prophetic impeccability. In this research, it is proved that Muhammad – peace upon him – was protected by Allah before prophet hood from being involved in any degrees of infidelity or polytheism. Then, what is meant by Muhammad was on his people’s religion that Muhammad – peace upon him – had followed what concerned good morality like magnanimity, generosity, helping people in their needs and other good morals. Also, Muhammad was on his people religion means that he was following what they inherited from Ibraheem’s creed like Alhajj, Marriage, inheritance and other religious principles. So, Allah had protected and instructed Muhammad – peace upon him – before prophet hood, and Allah had taken him from his childhood in His protection and care to prepare him to be a prophet who presages humans in this world.
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