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Title: العَود إِلَى جَرائمِ الحُدُودِ وعُقُوبَتُهُ المُقَرَّرَةُ فِي الفِقهِ الإسلامِي - دراسَةٌ مُقَارَنَةٌ-
Authors: د.إسماعيل شندي
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2009
Abstract: الملخص يتناول هذا البحث موضوعاً فقهياً مُهمَّاً بعنوان: "العَوْد إلى جَرائم الحُدُود وعقُوبَتُهُ المُقرَّرَة في الفقه الإسلامي? دراسَة مُقَارَنَةٌ، وقد انبنى من تمهيد وسبعة مباحث، وقد خلُص البحث إلى جملة من النتائج أبرزها: أن الفقهاء متفقون على أن عقوبة الحد لا تتكرر بالعَوْدة إليه وتكراره قبل العقوبة، فمن زنى مِراراً، أو قذف مِراراً، أو شرب الخَمْر مِراراً، فيكتفى بحد واحد، فإن عاد فزنى أو قذف أو شرب، فيُحد من جديد، وهناك خلاف بينهم فيمن زنى وهو بكر، فلم يُقم عليه الحدُّ حتى أحْصِنَ، وهم مختلفون. كذلك فيمن قذف الجماعة بكلمة واحدة، هل يعد ذلك عَوْداً للقَذْفِ أم لا؟ وثمَّة خلاف بينهم في حكم من سرق فَقُطع، ثم سرق فَقُطع، ثم عاد فسرق مرة ثالثة ورابعة، وكذا فيمن شرب الخَمْر فحُدَّ، ثم عاد فشرب في المرة الرابعة أو الخامسة. Abstract This research addresses an important jurisprudence issue entitled: "The Return to H?duod crimes and the Punishment Prescribed in the Islamic Jurisprudence- a comparative study" .It has been built from introduction and seven chapters. The research has concluded that the scholars agreed that the punishment will not be repeated by returning to it and its repetition before the penalty. One who has repeatedly committed adultery repeatedly accused others or repeatedly drunk wine, had will be implemented once .If one committed adultery again, accused others of adultery or drank wine, had should be implemented .There is disagreement among scholars on a virgin who committed adultery and did not receive his punishment until fornication, They are different as well as on one who accused the group even with a single word, is this a return to act or not? There is disagreement among them on the ruling of the person who robbed and then his hand was cut off, and then returned and his hand was cut off again and returned for stealing for the third and fourth time, as well as one who drank alcohol and the had was implemented on him and then returned to drinking for the fourth or fifth time.
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