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Title: النسخ عند اليهود ودوافعه - دراسة نقدية-
Authors: علي عبد الله الفواز
Keywords: -
Issue Date: 7-Nov-2017
Abstract: ملخص تعالج هذه الدراسة مسألة إنكار النسخ عند اليهود والدوافع العقدية لهذا الموقف؛ إذ يلاحظ أنهم ربطوا إنكاره بدعوى أنه يلزم من تجويزه وصف الله تعالى بالجهل والبداء أو العبث والتناقض، ولما كان العهد القديم يطفح بالنصوص التي تصف الله تعالى بالبداء والجهل وتجويز العبث والتناقض عليه، كان من الضروري البحث عن الدافع الحقيقي الذي يخفونه من وراء إنكاره. حيث تبين الدراسة أن اليهود لما أنكروا نبوة محمد  وقابلوه بالعداء والتكذيب، رغم ما جاءهم به من الدلائل والمعجزات، أنكروا مبدأ نسخ الشرائع تأكيداً على موقفهم هذا منه إذ لم يكن منهم كما كانوا يزعمون، ومع أنهم كانوا يعرفون محمداً  كما يعرفون أبناءهم إلا أنهم طعنوا في نبوته وشريعته معتقدين أن شريعة موسى  مؤبدة لم تنسخ بشريعة محمد ، وأنهم إنما يلزمهم اتباع موسى ، مما يعني لديهم التنصل من الإيمان بمحمد  والتحلل من اتباعه ووجوب طاعته، من هنا كان لا بد من مناقشة هذه المسألة مناقشة علمية منطقية؛ لبيان وجه الحق والصواب فيها. Abstract This study investigates the motives behind the Jews' rejection and of the concept of abolition which constitutes one of the fundamental features in Qur'an and in the sacred books of the previous monotheist religions i.e. Judaism and Christianity. The Jews justify their rejection of abolition by claiming that if it is accepted as a matter of belief, then it implies that God should of necessity be accused of ignorance, imperfection, and contradiction. The need for investigating abolition as a matter of belief in the holy scriptures of the monotheist religions is justified on the basis of the fact the Old Testament contains numerous texts which attribute to God such human qualities as incompetence and ignorance, besides those claiming that God has granted the Jews the liberty to trifle with him, and to contradict him. It is thus essential to explore the real motives that the Jews harbor for their rejection of abolition. The study concludes that the Jews have used their rejection of abolition as a means for defending their rejection of Prophet Muhammad as a messenger of God, since he was not a Jew by birth, and despite all the miracles, and all the proofs of his prophethood that he confronted them with. Furthermore, despite their full knowledge that he is truly the prophet of God, and despite the fact that they were as certain of his prophethood as they were certain about the blood relationships between them and their children, they disputed and denied his prophethood. Instead of believing in the prophethood of Muhammad which they know to be perfectly true, the Jews favored to continue their claims in believing in the teachings which they believe Moses came with cl. Their claim of believing in what was revealed to Moses as being eternal has been used by the Jews as a way for justifying their rejection of Prophet Muhammad and for their refusal to follow his religion. This study aims at investigating this issue in an attempt at distinguishing the facts and the falsehoods that surround it.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/1587
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