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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2015A Content Analysis of News Coverage of the Danish Cartoons Affairs in Al-Ghad ‎Jordanian Daily NewspapersMohammad Mahroum, Hatem Salem Alawneh
17-Oct-2005-CONTINUOUS LIKE MAPPINGSTalal Al-Hawary; Ahmed Al-Omari
4-Jun-2009Cultural Heritage and Collective Identity: The Status of Intangible Heritage in Jordan from an Anthropological PerspectiveMahmoud M. Naamneh
7-Jun-2004Delineation of the Hydrodynamic Interface Between Groundwater and Seawater in the Northern Part of the Coasts of Gulf of Aqaba Using Geoelectrical, Hydrogeochemichal and Hydrogeological MethodsMohammad Al Farajat
7-Nov-2004The Determinants of Corporate Debt Maturity Structure: Some Panel Data ResultsHaitham Al-Zoubi
5-Dec-2016Difficulties of Teaching Writing Facing Sixth Grade ‎Students as‏ ‏Perceived by English Teachers in Basic ‎Schools ‎ in Al-Mafraq District/JordanAbeer Shedefat
11-May-2004Dual Integral Equations Dealing With Robins Boundary ConditionsTalal Ali Al- Hawary
17-May-2010Educational Dialogue in Islamic Sunna and its Educational IndicationsDr. Ahmad Alzbon; Dr. Seham Smadi
2010The Effect of Employees Empowerment On Organizational Loyalty " A field study on Algerian Sonatrach Oil Company "ﺃﺒﻭﺒﻜﺭ, ﺒﻭﺴﺎﻟﻡ
13-Feb-2013The Effect of Internet Chat on Developing English Language Students’ Productive SkillsAli Farhan Abuseileek *; Ayman Kanan **
10-Jul-2003The Effect of the Rotation of the Methyl Group on the Rotational Constants A, B and C of the CH3CN MoleculeMohammad AL-Share
26-Feb-2017The Effect of Using Renzulli Learning System and ‎SCAMPER Strategy On Developing Tenth Grade Writing ‎English Composition Skills at Mu'tah Model SchoolMajid Mohammad Al-Khataybeh, Siham Mahmoud Al- ‎Tarawneh‏
16-Apr-2017Effectiveness of Using Criteria Sheet on Learning some Track ‎and Field Events for Students of the Faculty of Physical ‎Education at Yarmouk UniversityIsmail Khasab ‎
19-May-2005Evaluation of Computerized Accounting Information Systems Effectiveness in the Jordanian Commercial BanksMuhammad Y.Rahahleh; Walid Zakaria Siam
28-Jul-2012The Extent to which Principles of Educational Dialogue are practiced by Instructors from the Department of Curricula and Instruction at Al al-bayt UniversityBasel Hamdan Al-Shdifat *
11-May-2005Factors that Predict Non-Adherence to PelvicKawkab Ramadan Shishani
8-Mar-2005Financial Liberalization and Money Supply in JordanFadwa Naim Kalaji
16-Oct-2004Financial Reforms and Credit Supply: An Application to the Jordanian Banking System (1982 ? 2002)Khaled Al-Zubi; Ghassan Omet
20-Oct-2016The Five Principles of Al Mutazilah: Presentation and Criticism ‎Rajeh Al-Sbateen
2010The fundamental principle in contract is the intention and meanings, and not the words and phrasesسيرين, الباز